Little Bangladesh Improvement, Inc.'s Master Plan


To transform “Little Bangladesh” into an exciting and enduring tourist and business spot that it will reflect culture and heritage, life-style and natural treasures of Bangladesh; and the visitors, walking or driving through this corridor, will have immediate feelings of difference and pleasure.

Master Plan:

  1. Feasibility Study of Master Plan and identify items those are implementable or un-implementable.
  2. Murals — on surplus walls based on agreement with the owner by utilizing the skills of graffiti artists and other artist/stakeholders
  3. Paintings/graphic inscription of pictures of historic and cultural values of Bangladesh on Electric panels.
  4. Furniture in Bus Stops displaying the pictures as 2 above
  5. Spiral painting with stripes Blue-Red-white-green on about 38 Light Posts
  6. Installation of censor regulated LED Solar light on each light posts displaying pictures at 2 above.
  7. Designing the cross walk at New Hampshire/3rd and Alexandria/3′d with Colored bricks,
  8. Extension of Sidewalk of 3rd street from New Hampshire to Alexandria.
  9. Deep scraping of the Slabs from New Hampshire to Alexandria on 3rd
  10. Facade improvements in outlets from New Hampshire to Alexandria on 3rd
  11. Study and implementation of Designing Median from New Hampshire to Alexandria on 3rd
  12. Power-point Presentations in Monitors/Big Screen TV with pictures at 2 above and projection of community events.
  13. Creation and decoration of Gate/Over Bridge over 3rd street to facilitate walking children to schools at 1st and Vermont.
  14. Creation of a Martyrs’ (for mother’s language) Monument on the bridge over 3rd Street at New
  15. Tile works on outlets of 3rd street from New Hampshire to Alexandria etc.
  16. Decoration of Trash Cans.
  17. Trash pickups, Sweeping, pick of bulk items. — Currently provided by Wilshire Center BID & City.
  18. Installation of Flower bouquet/bow tie etc. on electric poles. Maintenance of Improvements.
  19. Naming of the three trees planted on Alexandria Ave. Maintenance of Improvements.
  20. Maintenance of all Improvements.

Interested community contributors of advice, technical or engineering support, fund proposal writers may kindly contact us.

Little Bangladesh Improvements, Inc. P.O. Box: 74298, Los Angeles, CA 90004