To beautify Little Bangladesh magnificently; and Improve quality of life of the Residents and Stakeholders by availing Knowledge, Information and Resources at their reach.

  1. Beautify and transform Little Bangladesh and surrounding areas into an exciting and enduring tourist and business spot that it will reflect culture and heritage, life style and natural treasures of Bangladesh and the visitors walking or driving through this corridor, will have immediate feelings of difference and pleasure.
  2. Improve the quality of lives of the Residents and Stakeholders of Little Bangladesh.
  3. Make Federal, State, Municipal, non-governmental and private resources accessible to the Residents and Stakeholders of Little Bangladesh.
  4. Build or facilitate creation of projects that would benefit both USA and Bangladesh.
  5. Raise and/or distribute charitable giving to the poor/victim residents or stakeholders of Little Bangladesh
  6. Promote Friendship, Trade and Commerce between USA and Bangladesh.

We provide services such as friendship, business, and cultural promotion, fundraising for charity, and resource allocation. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Beautify and Transform Little Bangladesh

Improve the Quality of Lives of Residents of Little Bangladesh

Make Federal, State, Municipal, Non-Governmental and Private Resources Accessible

Build and Facilitate Projects to Benefit both the US and BD

Raise and Distribute Charitable Relief to the Poor/Victim residents

Promote Friendship, Trade and Commerce between US and BD

Board of Directors

1. Moslem Khan - Chief Advisor
2. Dr. Mohammed Sirajullah - Chairman
3. Majib Siddiquee - Founder and Executive Director
4. Firoze Fakhri - Director
5. M. Shamsuddin Manik - Director
6. Major Saif Kutubi - Director
7. Faisal Rahman - Treasurer and Secretary
8. Mikayeel Khan - Director
9. Dr. Roksana Karim - Director
10. Moslem Khan - Chief Advisor
11. Bangladesh Consulate in LA - Representative
12. CD 10 of City Council - Representative
13. Mayor's Office - Representative
14. L.A City - Public Works Commission/Department - Representative
15. L.A City - Department of Transport - Representative
16. Koreatown Wilshire Center Neighborhood Council - Representative


Bank of America


Law Office of Folly & Mahmood