Ambassador's Message

Warm greetings and a hearty congratulations to the Bangladeshi-Americans of Southern California as you celebrate the 42nd Victory Day of Bangladesh and the third anniversary of “Little Bangladesh!”

Little Bangladesh is a shining example of what can be accomplished when members of a community work together to realize a common goal, a shared vision for improving the community. Your success shows that no dream is too big as you make the “impossible” possible. I especially salute Majib Siddiquee for his leadership in making Little Bangladesh a reality.

The Bangladeshi-American community is amazing, and I am determined to connect with the Bangladeshi diaspora across the country to strengthen linkages between Bangladeshi-Americans and their original homeland. I believe such people-to-people linkages are the real strength of the U.S.-Bangladesh partnership.

You and thousands of other Bangladeshi-Americans are deepening ties between America and Bangladesh, thus enabling us all to work together better to realize our common goals of a healthy and prosperous future. I wish you a successful and enjoyable “Banglar Bijoy Bohor” and all the best in your future endeavors.

With deep appreciation for all you do to build bridges between America and Bangladesh.


Dan Mozena